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Five of the best book quotes about to pick up
“At five Rosa’s aunt comes to pick her up. The ladies tell her about the little fish and the black water and how Rosa fell in. Then Rosa tells the store her way. She barks and barks about how scared she was how cold the water was. But that then the fishermen pulled her up by the ears. And then she got two little fish and they were so yummy! Now she is happy. But she will never go in the water again.”
“One day, after a nasty fall, Winnie decided something had to be done. She picked up her magic wand, waved it once and ABRACADABRA! Wilbur was a black cat no longer. He was bright green!”
“This time, Winnie was furious. She picked up her magic wand, waved it five times and .... Abracadabra! Wilbur had a read head, a yellow body, a pink rail, blue whiskers, and four purple legs. But his eyes were still green.”
″ ‘But look!’ said the very old man, and he pointed to a bunch of high grass. In it say one little frightened kitten. They went out and picked it up. It was thin and scraggly. ”
“Well, when I picked up the top plate, I came over all queer. A sort of tingling in my hands, and everything went muzzy -you know how at the pictures goes out of focus on the screen and then comes back? It was like that: only when I could see straight again, it was different somehow. Something had changed.”
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