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Nine of the best book quotes from Gwyn
On his ninth birthday Gwyn is given mystical items full of power by his “Nani” to test to see if he is a true magician like his ancestors.
On his ninth birthday Gwyn is given a brooch, a scarf, a piece of seaweed, a tin whistle and a small broken horse by his grandmother and told to give them to the wind.
On his ninth birthday, Gwyn is given a brooch and told to cast it into the wind. Later he discovers the wind has sent something back: the snow spider.
So begins Gwyn’s journey as a magician. Against the shimmering backdrop of a magical domed city, Gwyn has to battle evil and heal a fractured family.
It’s Gwyn Griffiths’ birthday, but celebrations are frowned on, as it is also the anniversary of his sister’s disappearance on the mountains above his house.
Over the course of the trilogy Gwyn and his friend Nia has to battle otherworldly beings, icy children, an evil prince that has possessed one of their relatives.
″‘How is the bellyache, then?’ Gwyn stuck his head round the door. Alison sat in the iron bed with brass knobs. Porcelain columns showed the Infant Bacchus and there was a lump of slate under one leg because the floor dipped.”
“Bring one down, and we’ll wash it.′ Alison say Gwyn lift a plate from the top of the nearest pile, and then he lurched, and nearly put his foot through the ceiling between the joists.”
“Well, when I picked up the top plate, I came over all queer. A sort of tingling in my hands, and everything went muzzy -you know how at the pictures goes out of focus on the screen and then comes back? It was like that: only when I could see straight again, it was different somehow. Something had changed.”
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