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Three of the best book quotes about young man
Kensuke’s Kingdom is a children’s novel in which a young man named Michael tells the story of an adventure he had ten years earlier. Michael and his parents were sailing around the world when a fierce storm swept Michael overboard, and he was left marooned on a desert island with no one for company except his dog, Stella Artois, and a mysterious old man who refused to let him leave.
“The King was a young man, as kind and as wise as he was handsome. He had married the fairest of ladies for his Queen. They found great pleasure in one another, for they enjoyed the same music, savored the same dishes, and laughed at the same things.”
“ ‘Mowzer, my handsome,’ he said, for he was a courteous and well-spoken man, ‘Mowzer, my handsome, it will soon be Christmas, and no man can stand by at Christmas and see the children starve. Someone must go fishing come what may, and I think it must be me. It cannot be the young men, for they have wives and children and mothers to weep for them if they do not return. But my wife and parents are dead long since and my children are grown and gone.’ “
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