Old Tom Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Old Tom
“Once there lived in the village a cat whose name was Mowzer. She had an old cottage with a window overlooking the harbour, an old rocking chair with patchwork cushions and an old fisherman named Tom.”
“She knew that the game serves only to sharpen the appetite for the feast to follow. It is his meal or mine, thought Mowzer, as she looked at the floundering fish in the belly of the boat. Blue, green and silver, they glistened in the greyness. It made her mouth water to look at them.”
“ ‘Mowzer, my handsome,’ he said, for he was a courteous and well-spoken man, ‘Mowzer, my handsome, it will soon be Christmas, and no man can stand by at Christmas and see the children starve. Someone must go fishing come what may, and I think it must be me. It cannot be the young men, for they have wives and children and mothers to weep for them if they do not return. But my wife and parents are dead long since and my children are grown and gone.’ “
“Sometimes Old Tom went for a little walk to the mailbox. But Angela though is best that he stay inside. ‘You mustn’t frighten the neighbors.’ she would say. When babies come to visit... Old Tom loved to play.”
“At first, Angela ignored Old Tom’s childish pranks. After all, she had things to do and dishes to wash. But her heart sank when someone forgot his manners. Old Tom tied to be good...”
“Angela taught Old Tom how to behave. ‘Sit up straight!’ she would say. ‘Elbows off the table.’ ‘Not too much on your fork.’ ‘Chew with your mouth closed.’ There was so much to learn.”
“But Old Tom loved bath time most of all, when he could splash about and make a mess. He always liked to look his best.. especially when he went out to play.”
“A funny little story about 2 very different people (or in Tom’s case, a monster) being the best of friends, despite their faults.”
“On the fateful day Old Tom arrives at Angela Throgmorton’s doorstep, Angela knows that things will never be the same. She lovingly raises the little feline monster as her own, but all he does is drive her crazy.′
“Angela Trogmorton lived alone and liked it that way. One day, while doing some light dusting, she heard a knock at the door.”
“Old Tom tried to be good...though sometimes he was a bit naughty. ‘Aren’t you a little too old for such things?’ Angela Throgmorton often asked. ”
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