The King Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from The King
“Duplicity of any sort is exceedingly objectionable between married people of any rank, not to say kings and queens; and the most objectionable form duplicity can assume is that of punning.”
″‘My dear child,’ said the king, “you must be aware by this time that you are not exactly like other people.‘”
“He could not tell whether the queen meant light-haired or light-heired; for why might she not aspirate her vowels when she was ex-asperated herself?”
“Once upon a time there was a Prince. And this Prince’s dad and mom (the King and Queen) somehow got it into their royal heads that no Princess would be good enough for their boy unless she could feel a pea through one hundred mattresses. So it should come as no surprise that the Prince had a very hard time finding a Princess.”
“The King was a young man, as kind and as wise as he was handsome. He had married the fairest of ladies for his Queen. They found great pleasure in one another, for they enjoyed the same music, savored the same dishes, and laughed at the same things.”
“Princess Sylvie persuades her father, the king, to leave the palace gardens and walk in the woods. The king is unsure. What might be in the woods?”
“Some say he will come again to save us from ourselves, but how or when that is to be I do not know.”
“During the holidays at exactly a quarter to twelve, the king would appear at the window and everyone would shout and throw their hats into the sky - praising him. ”
“It was decided that the king would not be influenced by an objection, so they opted to deter the king by feigning madness instead.”
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