Captain Jack Tarrant Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Captain Jack Tarrant
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    “I should have prepared you for a brand of snobbery that no other nation on earth can emulate.”
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    “I find I don’t learn a lot while I’m talking.”
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    “You can often judge the character of a person by the way he treats his fellow men.”
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    “...the worst moment of any campaign is waiting for the sun to rise on the morning of the battle.”
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    “It’s just that I was released from prison today.”
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    “If you won’t allow me to tell Sir Walter the truth, I’ll have to start crawling around in the sewer that Hugo Barrington currently occupies.”
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    ″‘Should you at any time come across a man with a limp,’ he added, ‘be wary of him. He works for Giles’s father. he’s clever and resourceful, but more important, he has no allegiance to anyone except his paymaster.‘”