snobbery Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about snobbery
“And you must be Miss Granger. Yes, Draco’s told me all about you. And your parents. Muggles, aren’t they? Let me see. Red hair...vacant expressions...tatty second hand must be the Weasleys.”
“He threw his burning cigarette onto our clean living room floor and ground it into the wood with his boot. We were about to become cigarettes.”
“In poverty she is envious. In riches she may be a snob. Money does not change the sickness, only the symptoms.“
“I should have prepared you for a brand of snobbery that no other nation on earth can emulate.”
″‘Oh, your nephew!’ Shrugging her shoulders, Madame Aubain resumed her pacing, as if to say, ‘I’d forgotten all about him! And why should I care anyway? A ship’s boy, a rogue, so what? Whereas my daughter… Think of that!’ ”
″-the girl with her expensive boarding-school snobbery, the old man with his Salvation Army suit and shirt with no collar. Really, he reflected, there was something most prickly and difficult about the pair of them.”
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