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10 of the best book quotes about treats
“One of my favorite things to do was to learn new tricks, as the boy called them, which consisted of him speaking to me in encouraging tones and then feeding me treats.”
“No one she knew had seen a can of peaches in years. She looked at the other one. It was just as amazing- ‘Creamed Corn,’ it said.”
“You can often judge the character of a person by the way he treats his fellow men.”
“You get a ballon, lollipops aren’t good for your teeth.”
Bridget’s attempts to cope with these unruly guests actually hint in an exaggerated way at what real siblings might be like. The book is fun; it’s funny; it makes a delightful treat. Very nice for a little reader with a taste for unruly humor
“Sampson, the church cat, had listened to so many sermons about the meek being blessed and everybody really being brothers that he had grown quite frighteningly meek and treated Arthur like a brother.”
“While she waited for the bus she skipped and sang: ‘Jam on biscuits, jam on bread, Jam is the thing I like most, Jam is sticky, jam is sweet, Jam is tasty, jam’s a treat - raspberry, strawberry, gooseberry, I’m very FOND…OF…JAM!’ ”
“Willie took Gem a treat every afternoon all week.”
“In a moment he was Captain John, responsible for his ship and his crew, and Mrs. Dixon, the farmer’s wife, was a native, not wholly to be trusted in spite of her toffee and cake.”
“When everybody had finished, Ameliar-anne was sure that she must have eaten quite twice as much as she had meant to bring home in the green umbrella.”
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