Maisie Clifton Quotes

Five of the best book quotes from Maisie Clifton
“At least, not until she met Patrick Casey, who proved that the charm of the Irish was not just a cliche.”
“Seven pounds, nine shillings and sixpence turned out to be the value they’d put on Arthur’s life. I sat alone at the kitchen table, and I think that was the moment I knew I’d never see my husband again.”
“Never bring your personal problems to work.... The customers have enough problems of their own without having to worry about yours.”
″...there’s no way of stopping it until you find the person responsible and sack them. If you don’t identify the culprit fairly soon, you’re going to have another year without showing a profit....”
“I wouldn’t have even have remembered her name, if she hadn’t later accused me of killing her husband.”
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