compassionate listening Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes about compassionate listening
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    “The most effective way to show compassion to another is to listen, rather than talk.”
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    “Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.”
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    “This is so because a shared pain is no longer paralyzing but mobilizing, when understood as a way to liberation.”
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    “Thus, nothing can be written about ministry without a deeper understanding of the ways in which ministers can make their own wounds available as a source of healing.”
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    “When we become aware that we do not have to escape our pains, but that we can mobilize them into a common search for life, those very pains are transformed from expressions of despair into signs of hope.”
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    “In short: ‘Who can take away suffering without entering it?’ ”
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    “Based on her experience with men, most assumed that when you talked to them about a problem or dilemma, they were expected to offer an opinion, even when all you wanted was for them to listen.”
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    “People talk easily to me. . . I am like a stranger on the bus and they get hooked on having a listener. They go too far because I am one listener who is in no position to judge or find fault . . . I listen eagerly, warmly, because I care. They tell me everything.”
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    “When you speak, always remember that God is one of your listeners.”