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    “We can no longer rely on the external teachings of Buddha, Confucius, or Christ. The era of organized religion controlling every aspect of life is over. No single religion has all the answers.”
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    The gospel of grace nullifies our adulation of televangelists, charismatic superstars, and local church heroes.
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    “Thus, nothing can be written about ministry without a deeper understanding of the ways in which ministers can make their own wounds available as a source of healing.”
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    “Our service will not be perceived as authentic unless it comes from a heart wounded by the suffering about which we speak.”
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    “Therefore ministry is a very confronting service. It does not allow people to live with illusions or immortality and wholeness. It keeps reminding others that they are mortal and broken, but also that with the recognition of this condition, liberation starts.”
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    “A minister is not a doctor whose primary task is to take away pain. Rather, he deepens the pain to a level where it can be shared. ”
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    “Perhaps the main task of the minister is to prevent people from suffering for the wrong reasons.”
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    “When someone comes with his loneliness to the minister, he can only expect that his loneliness will be understood and felt, so that he no longer has to run away from it but can accept it as an expression of his basic human condition.”
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    “No minister can save anyone. He can only offer himself as a guide to fearful people. Yet, paradoxically, it is precisely in this guidance that the first signs of hope become visible.”
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    “Thus ministry can indeed be a witness to the living truth that the wound, which causes us to suffer now, will be revealed to us later as the place where God intimated his new creation. ”
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    “One of the things that constantly reassures me that God is real, and not just an idea that religious leaders made up, is the fact that people who pray for strength, hope and courage so often find resources of strength, hope and courage that they did not have before they prayed.”
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    “Many leaders in the church do not want to deal with things that relate to the devil.”
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    “Lord, let our leaders praise You and hear the Word of the Lord spoken through the mouths of Your prophets.”
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    “I decree and declare that my nation is the inheritance of the Lord, and the kingdom is the Lord’s. He is the governor of my nation.”
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    “Your Word says that when godly men reign, the people will rejoice. It also says that the people cry out under the rule of the ungodly.”

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