complicated Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about complicated
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    “Soap operas got nothing on my family history.”
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    “Of course it’s complicated. If it wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t be interested in you.”
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    “Life is a gym membership with a really complicated cancellation policy.”
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    “I have often felt that I would find it more complicated, troublesome and unpleasant to ascertain the feelings by which a woman lives than to plumb the innermost thoughts of an earthworm.”
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    “People are more complicated than the masks they wear in society.” ...
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    “Why isn’t real life like book life?” I asked, sitting down next to him. “Why aren’t people plain and uncomplicated? Why don’t they do what you expect them to do, like characters in a novel?” I took my shoes and stockings off and dangled my feet in the water, too.
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    “His relationship also felt sacred because he had just recently…felt he had gotten the rhythm of it. The person he thought he knew had turned out to be, in some ways, not the person before him, and it had taken him time to figure out how many facets he had yet to see: it was as if the shape he had all along thought was a pentagram was in reality a dodecahedron, many sided and many fractaled and much more complicated to measure.”