Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Discipline is Destiny: The Power of Self-Control
“Nearly anything you want, whenever you want it, however you’d like it, it’s yours. This is our human right. As it should be.”
“Technology, access, success, power, privilege- this is only a blessing when accompanied by the second of the cardinal virtues: self-restraint.”
“His greatness, like all true greatness, was not rooted in aggression or ego or his appetites or a vast fortune, but in simplicity and restraint- in how he commanded himself, which in turn made him worthy of commanding others.”
“Even those with fewer freedoms still face countless daily choices about which urges to indulge, what actions they’ll take, what they’ll accept or demand from themselves.”
“It’s easy to be disciplined when you have nothing. What about when you have everything? What about when you’re so talented that you can get away with not giving everything?”
“You have to do your best while you still have a chance. Life is short.”
“No one has a harder time than the lazy. No one experiences more pain than the glutton. No success is shorter lived than the reckless or endlessly ambitious.”
“Freedom requires discipline. Discipline gives us freedom. Freedom and greatness. Your destiny is there. Will you grab the reins?”
“He wasn’t born an athlete. He made himself one.”
“Greed moves the goalposts, preventing one from ever enjoying what one has.”
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