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    “Your soul knows the geography of your destiny.”
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    “’It is demonstrable,’ said he, ‘that things cannot be otherwise than as they are; for all being created for an end, all is necessarily for the best end.’”
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    “All that is is for the best. If there is a volcano at Lisbon it cannot be elsewhere. It is impossible that things should be other than they are; for everything is right.”
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    “’There is a concatenation of events in this best of all possible worlds: for if you had not been kicked out of a magnificent castle for love of Miss Cunegonde: if you had not been put into the Inquisition: if you had not walked over America: if you had not stabbed the Baron: if you had not lost all your sheep from the fine country of El Dorado: you would not be here eating preserved citrons and pistachio-nuts.’
    ‘All that is very well,’ answered Candide, ‘but let us cultivate our garden.’”
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    ″[Stanley] remembered what Zero had said a few days before. If Zero had just kept those shoes, then neither of them would be here right now.
    As Stanley stared at the glittering night sky, he thought there was no place he would rather be. He was glad Zero put the shoes on the parked car. He was glad they fell from the overpass and hit him on the head.
    When the shoes first fell from the sky, he remembered thinking that destiny had struck him. Now, he thought so again. It was more than a coincidence. It had to be destiny.”
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    “Always you should go to the source, to the face of the rock, to the beginning. The more you know, the more you can control your destiny.”
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    “Stanley couldn’t help but think that there was something special about the shoes, that they would somehow provide the key to his father’s invention. It was too much of a coincidence to be a mere accident. Stanley felt like he was holding destiny’s shoes.”
    Louis Sachar
    Stanley Yelnats
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    “Nothing is written in the stars ... No one controls your destiny.”
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    “Well! Heaven had destined my uncle to become completely happy.”
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    “They were best friends, lovers and soul mates destined to be together, everyone thought. But as it happened, one day destiny greedily changed its mind.”
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    “All of a sudden I knew that of all of the places in the world that I’d ever been in this was the one. That of all the people I’d ever met these were the ones. This was where I was supposed to be.”
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    “There is a thing about Time and Space which the philosopher Einstein is going to find out. Some people call it Destiny.”
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    “For me it’s over and done with, no matter what happens.”
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    “The fate of this man or that man was less than a drop, although it was a sparkling one, in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea.”
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    “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”
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    Fearless, we welcome whatever paths the dark side sets us on, and whatever destiny it lays out for us.
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    “War was always here. Before man was, war waited for him. The ultimate trade awaiting its ultimate practitioner.”
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    “Perhaps we were meant to meet.”

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    “No longer were there individual destinies; only a collective destiny, made of plague and emotions shared by all.”
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    “Every thought is a cause & every condition is an effect. Change your thoughts & you change your destiny.”
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    If his destiny be strange, it is also sublime.
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    “To be black was to be the beneficiary of a great inheritance, a special destiny, glorious burdens that only we were strong enough to bear.”
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    “He felt that he had his destiny in his grasp. He was more alive then he could ever remember having been: his attention and mind were pointed, focused toward the goal.”
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    “Pardon me: I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.”
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    “I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”
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    “My mother was one of the first few blacks to integrate the University of Arkansas, graduating in 1954. Three years later, when Grandma discovered I would be one of the first blacks to attend Central High School, she said the nightmare that had surrounded my birth was proof positive that destiny had assigned me a special task.”
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    “My mother was one of the first few blacks to integrate the University of Arkansas, graduating in 1954. Three years later, when Grandma discovered I would be one of the first blacks to attend Central High School, she said the nightmare that had surrounded my birth was proof positive that destiny had assigned me a special task.”
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    “Noah has fallen in love with the new Allie, not her memory, but then he had never really stopped, and this he realizes, is his destiny.”
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    “I have come to realize that destiny can hurt a person as much as it can bless them, and I find myself wondering why--out of all the people in all the world I could ever have loved--I had to fall in love with someone who was taken away from me.”
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    Destiny guides our fortunes more favorably than we could have expected.
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    “Even as one did thy mother bear thee, she the wild cow of the cattle stalls, Ninsunna, whose head she exalted more than a husband. Royal power over the people Enlil has decreed for thee.”
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    “I know that somehow, every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step towards finding you.”
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    “A calling implies I have a choice, doesn’t it? That I could answer the call, or not. That I have a choice in whether or not I accept this as my destiny? Well, I don’t. I don’t want anything to do with it. And I don’t accept the call. Matter of fact, this line is no longer in service. ”
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    It is simply true that each man has his limit, his capacity for growth, and his destiny.
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    “The difficulties have taken much away. I get that. But there is one gift your trouble cannot touch: your destiny.”
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    “I saw the old woman who had delivered me from my mother’s womb. I knew she held the secret of my destiny.”

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    “Ultima says a man’s destiny must unfold itself like a flower.”
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    “It was true, I thought, it is the Márez blood in us that touches us with this urge to wander. Like the restless, seeking sea.”
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    “Always in the dream, it seemed as if there were a destination: a something--he could not grasp what-that lay beyond the place where the thickness of snow brought the sled to a stop. He was left, upon awakening, with the feeling that he wanted, even somehow needed, to reach the something that waited in the distance. The feeling that it was good. That it was welcoming. That it was significant. But he did not know how to get there.”
    Lois Lowry
    The Giver
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    “Tis hatch’d and shall be so.”
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    No man or woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny.
    The Iliad
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    “There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them. Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane, sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.”
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    Many young men started down a false path to their true destiny. Time and fortune usually set them aright.
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    “When a man finds that it is his destiny to suffer, he will have to accept his suffering as his task.”
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    “I must know more than I know already. For I know that house where I will be cold and not belonging, the bed I shall lie in has red curtains, and I have slept there many times before, long ago. How long ago? In that bed I will dream the end of my dream. But my dream had nothing to do with England and I must not think like this, I must remember about chandeliers and dancing, about swans and roses and snow.”
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