early risers Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about early risers
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    “Every morning, no matter how late he had been up, my father rose at 5:30, went to his study, wrote for a couple of hours, made us all breakfast, read the paper with my mother, and then went back to work for the rest of the morning. Many years passed before I realized that he did this by choice, for a living, and that he was not unemployed or mentally ill.”
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    “I shall be up before you are awake; I shall be afield before you are up; and I shall have breakfasted before you are afield. In short, I shall astonish you all.”
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    “No one who can rise before dawn three hundred sixty days a year fails to make his family rich.”
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    “Dear, don’t think of getting out of bed yet. I’ve always suspected that early rising in early life makes one nervous.”
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    “Wake-up early. Life is short. What if today is the last night of my life? So enjoy life to the full.”