flexibility Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about flexibility
“Immigration policy should be generous; it should be fair; it should be flexible. With such a policy we can turn to the world, and to our own past, with clean hands and a clear conscience.”
“The ability to yield, to bend, to give way, to accommodate, he said, was sometimes a source of strength in men as well as in wood, so long as it was helmed by inner resolve and by principle.”
“My name is something I wear, like a shirt. It gets worn, I outgrow it, I change it.”
“It is better to go with the flow or let the flow go?”
“Rules are meant to be broken”
“You’re going to have to be flexible, Alexander. Our family is going through a real crisis. In the Chinese language, do you know what the characters for ‘crisis’ are? ‘Danger’ plus ‘opportunity’. Maybe your mother’s illness will offer you an extraordinary opportunity.”
″...instead of being stubborn and stiff, and confiding in my strength, I yield and bend, letting the blast go over me, knowing that it would be fruitless to resist.”
″‘You see, now,’ observed Geppetto, ‘that I was right when I said to you that it did not do to accustom ourselves to be too particular or too dainty in our tastes. We can never know, my dear boy, what may happen to us.”
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