gentlemanly Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about gentlemanly
“But the truth was the drain had made him very slimy, and it was necessary for him to take a bath and sprinkle himself with a bit of his mother’s violet water before he felt himself again.”
“Mrs. Little saw right away that the infant clothes she had provided were unsuitable, and she set to work and made him a fine little blue worsted suit with patch pockets in which he could keep his handkerchief, his money, and his keys.”
″‘I look quite like a gentleman!’ ‘Yes, indeed,’ answered Geppetto, ‘for bear in mind that it is not fine clothes that make the gentleman, but rather clean clothes.‘”
“You can help me perhaps to be more like a gentleman said Mr Salteena getting rarther hot I am quite alright as they say but I would like to be the real thing can it be done he added slapping his knees.”
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