Alfred Salteena Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Alfred Salteena
“They traveled 2nd class in the train and Ethel was longing to go first but thought perhaps least said soonest mended.”
“Bernard always had a few prayers in the hall and some whiskey afterwards as he was rarther pious but Mr. Salteena was not very adicted to prayers so he marched up to bed.”
“You can help me perhaps to be more like a gentleman said Mr Salteena getting rarther hot I am quite alright as they say but I would like to be the real thing can it be done he added slapping his knees.”
“To tell you the truth my Lord I am not anyone of import and I am not a gentleman.”
″‘ doubt you will soon be marrying a duchess or something.’ ‘Not at all said Mr. Salteena you must know Ethel he said blushing a deep red I always wished to marry you some fine day.‘”
″ life will be sour grapes and ashes without you.”
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