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    “We remembered all the things she’d said to us, we thought if she could only know what she HAD done for us, that it would HELP, you know, in her own case, about the game, because she could be glad—that is, a little glad.”
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    “It was as if Salva’s family were helping him, even though they were not there.”
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    “Strangers must inquire Of denizens, and do as they are bid.”
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    “The place you fight cruelty is where you find it, and the place you give help is where you see it needed.”
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    “It hurts to look at the clouds, but it also helps, like most things that cause pain.”
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    “When she needed help most, she was abandoned—and only when she offered help to others was she beloved.”
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    “The aim ... is to wake everybody up to the need and benefits of saying the Jesus Prayer.”
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    “I declare that I will live as a healer. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me. I will lift the fallen, restore the broken, and encourage the discouraged....I won’t just look for a miracle; I will become someone’s miracle by showing God’s love and mercy everywhere I go.”
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    “It’s not up to you to help other people fit you into a box.”
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    ″ If ... we can help them, then we have to help them. That’s ... the Eld’s way.”
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    “Two steps behind her, I say her name.
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    “Every time we say we believe in the Holy Spirit, we mean we believe that there is a living God able and willing to enter human personality and change it.”
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    “You know, I can feel the fear that you carry around and I wish there was... something I could do to help you let go of it because if you could, I don’t think you’d feel so alone anymore.”

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