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“We remembered all the things she’d said to us, we thought if she could only know what she HAD done for us, that it would HELP, you know, in her own case, about the game, because she could be glad—that is, a little glad.”
“It was as if Salva’s family were helping him, even though they were not there.”
“Strangers must inquire Of denizens, and do as they are bid.”
“The place you fight cruelty is where you find it, and the place you give help is where you see it needed.”
“It hurts to look at the clouds, but it also helps, like most things that cause pain.”
“When she needed help most, she was abandoned—and only when she offered help to others was she beloved.”
“The aim ... is to wake everybody up to the need and benefits of saying the Jesus Prayer.”
“I declare that I will live as a healer. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me. I will lift the fallen, restore the broken, and encourage the discouraged....I won’t just look for a miracle; I will become someone’s miracle by showing God’s love and mercy everywhere I go.”
“It’s not up to you to help other people fit you into a box.”
″ If ... we can help them, then we have to help them. That’s ... the Eld’s way.”
“Two steps behind her, I say her name. ‘Skye.‘”
“Every time we say we believe in the Holy Spirit, we mean we believe that there is a living God able and willing to enter human personality and change it.”
“You know, I can feel the fear that you carry around and I wish there was... something I could do to help you let go of it because if you could, I don’t think you’d feel so alone anymore.”
″‘The most intelligent of creatures,’ he offers softly, ‘often make the fewest sounds.‘”
″‘If you ever find you need help again, you know, if you’re in trouble, need a hand out of a tight corner...’ ‘Yeah?’ ‘Please don’t hesitate to get lost.’”
“‘I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain,’ Rhys said with equal quiet. ‘From dying. From wanting to die.‘”
“I was in the air, with outstretched arms, and floating fast. There was a fearful dark river that I had to go over, and I was afraid. It rushed and roared and was full of angry foam. Then I looked down and saw many men and women who were trying to cross the dark and fearful river, but they could not. Weeping, they looked up to me and cried: “Help us!” But I could not stop gliding, for it was as though a great wind were under me.”
“Pain is strange. A cat killing a bird, a car accident, a fire….Pain arrives, BANG, and there it is, it sits on you. It’s real. And to anybody watching, you look foolish. Like you’ve suddenly become an idiot. There’s no cure for it unless you know somebody who understands how you feel, and knows how to help.”
“You are not tied to a particular position; your loyalty is not to a career or a company. You are committed to your Life’s Task, to giving it full expression. It is up to you to find it and guide it correctly. It is not up to others to protect or help you. You are on your own.”
“No one is really going to help you or give you direction. In fact, the odds are against you. If you desire an apprenticeship, if you want to learn and set yourself up for mastery, you have to do it yourself,and with great energy.”
“If we needed urgent help, why not get in Einar’s car and drive to the doctor’s? Einar always had his car when we went camping. That’s how we got there. Why stand around waving at a nonexistent troop on a hill that wasn’t high enough and probably misspelling words in the process (‘UNGENT/SEND HEAP/I’M BADLY CURT’) when we could hop into Einar’s Studebaker?”
“Tears came to his eyes, then, for how lopsided he had let their friendship become, and for how long Willem had stayed with him, year after year, even when he had fled from him, even when he had asked him for help with problems whose origins he wouldn’t reveal. In his new life, he promised himself, he would be less demanding of his friends; he would be more generous. Whatever they wanted, he would give them. If Willem wanted information, he could have it, and it was up to him to figure out how to give it to him. He would be hurt again and again—everyone was—but if he was going to try, if he was going to be alive, he had to be tougher, he had to prepare himself, he had to accept that this was part of the bargain of life itself.”
“When God creates Eve, he calls her an ezer kenegdo. ‘It is not good for the man to be alone, I shall make him [an ezer kenegdo]’ (Gen. 2:18 Alter). Hebrew scholar Robert Alter, who has spent years translating the book of Genesis, says that this phrase is ‘notoriously difficult to translate.’ The various attempts we have in English are “helper” or “companion” or the notorious “help meet.” [...] The word ezer is used only twenty other places in the entire Old Testament. And in every other instance the person being described is God himself, when you need him to come through for you desperately.”
“Instead of asking, ‘What should a woman do—what is her role?’ it would be far more helpful to ask, ‘What is a woman—what is her design?’ and, ‘Why did God place Woman in our midst?”
“Then indeed the little train was very, very sad, and the dolls and toys were ready to cry.”
“I’m not very big. They use me only for switching trains in the year. I have never been over the mountain.”
“The Passenger Engine is not the only one in the world. Here is another engine coming, a great big strong one. Let us ask him to help us.”
“It is he who heals the broken in spirit and binds up their wounds, he who numbers the stars one by one...”
“Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret. We’re moving today. I’m so scared God. I’ve never lived anywhere but here. Suppose I hate my new school? Suppose everybody there hates me? Please help me God. Don’t let New Jersey be too horrible. Thank you.”
“But the voice of the buffalo was the voice of Amanda Beale, and its teeth were her fingers pulling and wrenching his poor ear till he was sitting upright.”
“Oh help! Oh no! IT’S A GRUFFALO!!
“The older monk quickly picked her up and put her on his back, transported her across the water, and put her down on the other side. She didn’t thank the older monk, she just shoved him out of the way and departed.”
This wonderful story expresses through words that people can recover from painful comings and goings as long as they have the help of their friends and family and other loved ones.
″ Right here in my hat on top of my head! It is good that I have him here with me today. He helps me a lot. This is little Cat A.”
“And as the Baudelaires told Hector their long story, they began to feel as if the handyman was carrying more than their suitcases. They felt as if he was carrying each word they said, as if each unfortunate event was a burden that Hector was helping them with. The story of their lives was so miserable that I cannot say they felt happy when they were through telling it, but by the time Sunny concluded the whole long story, the Baudelaires felt as if they were carrying much less.”
″ ‘Help! said Eddie. ‘I’m scared already! I want my bed! I want my teddy!’ ”
Quarter inch of rain is nothing to complain about. It’ll help the plants above ground, and start the new seeds growing. That quarter inch of rain did wonders for Ma, too, who is ripe as a melon these days. She has nothing to say to anyone anymore, except how she aches for rain. at breakfast, at dinner, all days, all night she aches for rain.
“Well, they are not hard workers, and very thoughtless and full of spirits; but I can’t help liking them. I think they are sound, good fellows at the bottom.”
“Peppermint is a great help with arithmetic.”
″[Topthorn] lay where he was, breathing heavily, and lifted his head once to look at me. It was an appeal for help—I could see it in his eyes.”
“I do not think you will accept my help since I am only waiting around to kill you.”
“The thing about God, she thought, is that He usually does help, but not until you’ve made an effort on your own.”
“Little Toot was so excited he puffed more and more smoke balls. They gave him a wonderful idea. Those smoke balls could probably be seen all the way up the river, where his father and grandfather were. So he puffed a signal…S.O.S.”
“This it was that gave me a thought. No apology could blot out what I had said; it was needless to think of one, none could cover the offense; but where an apology was vain, a mere cry for help might bring Alan back to my side. I put my pride away from me. ‘Alan!’ I said; ‘if ye cannae help me, I must just die here.’ ”
“You see, the verdict is in. And now I perform on the basis of the verdict. Because He loves me and He accepts me, I do not have to do things just to build up my résumé. I do not have to do things to make me look good. I can do things for the joy of doing them. I can help people to help people – not so I can feel better about myself, not so I can fill up the emptiness.”
“At last the people all came flocking, shouting in the great Town Hall: ‘Our Council’s attitude is shocking! High you sit and far you’ll fall. To think we buy fine gowns of ermine for dolts who can’t or won’t determine how to rid us of our vermin! You’re old and fat and still expect your furry robes to buy respect! Well, wake up! Give your brains a racking! Find the remedy we’re lacking or, sure as fate, we’ll send you packing!’ ”
“When we have done our very best, Papa, and that is not enough, then I think the right time must have come for asking help of others.”
“Don’t be a know-it-all. Ask the people around you.”
“I’m feeling real bad for her all of a sudden. “If he is mine, you won’t be doing this alone no more, a’ight? I’ll come over and help as much as I can.”
″‘Neither refuse to give help when it is needed’, Medwyn continued, ‘nor refuse to accept it when it is offered.‘”
″‘You will be knighted and you will have earned your knighthood,’ said the stranger. ‘A knight must help when his assistance is requested, must he not?‘”
“If you find love- if a person or an animals finds love- it’s the same thing as finding safety, isn’t it? it’s comforting and friendliness and help. Everyone longs for it- any kind of love.”
“I will lift up my eyes unto the stars. Sometimes, if you look at the stars long enough, it helps. It shrinks your day-by-day troubles down to size.”
“Barbapapa came to the rescue. The firemen were grateful for his help. While they were having a party after the fire, Barbapapa heard cries for help.”
″‘Rats, fine rats, help us!’ and we’ll be right there to help you.”
“By the time help arrived over 120 men, women and children had met their deaths - not in the sea but murdered by two fellow survivors, Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom.”
“I can’t tell you what a help it is to know that you trust me. And you must go on trusting me.”
“You can help me perhaps to be more like a gentleman said Mr Salteena getting rarther hot I am quite alright as they say but I would like to be the real thing can it be done he added slapping his knees.”
″‘You might want to lie down,’ Magnus advised. ‘I find that it helps when the crushing sense of horrible realization sets in.‘”

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