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On his ninth birthday Gwyn is given mystical items full of power by his “Nani” to test to see if he is a true magician like his ancestors.
On his ninth birthday Gwyn is given a brooch, a scarf, a piece of seaweed, a tin whistle and a small broken horse by his grandmother and told to give them to the wind.
On his ninth birthday, Gwyn is given a brooch and told to cast it into the wind. Later he discovers the wind has sent something back: the snow spider.
The first thing he gives to the wind is the brooch which comes back as the snow spider and suddenly magic is in his life, real and with consequences and responsibilities.
The trilogy covers from his ninth to his thirteenth birthday and a variety of adventures all of whom require him to employ his wits and to embrace the magician within.
So begins Gwyn’s journey as a magician. Against the shimmering backdrop of a magical domed city, Gwyn has to battle evil and heal a fractured family.
It’s Gwyn Griffiths’ birthday, but celebrations are frowned on, as it is also the anniversary of his sister’s disappearance on the mountains above his house.
Over the course of the trilogy Gwyn and his friend Nia has to battle otherworldly beings, icy children, an evil prince that has possessed one of their relatives.
The main storyline is about a boy whose older sister vanished many years ago when she wandered into the snow. She basically wandered out one night when it was snowing and never came back.
The only person who saw her leave the house was the younger brother - which is why he feels particularly guilty about her disappearance.
Two years after the Last Days, Australia has become a dangerous place, and a battle-ground for survival.
Ben, who has a telepathic ability to control animals, leads a hazardous existence in the bush west of the Blue Mountains.

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