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Eight of the best book quotes about mythology
One of the men, Monday, doesn’t want to give it up because he needs the key in order to continue his reign, but the other man, Sneezer, convinces him to as the Will states Monday must give the key to a suitable heir but after Arthur dies, Monday will once again regain control of the Key.
While waiting for help, Arthur notices two strange-looking men materializing out of thin air. They discuss a key and whether or not to give it to Arthur.
Persuaded, Monday agrees to relinquish control of the key, which is shaped like the minute hand of an old clock, although he quickly becomes suspicious of Sneezer, who apparently never showed much intelligence before. Sneezer and Mister Monday then fight and disappear in a flash of light.
On Earth, a boy named Arthur Penhaligon (the main character) is at a new school. He collapses during an outdoor cross country run during gym because of his severe asthma. Two of his schoolmates, Ed and Leaf, stop to help him use his inhaler before running to get help.
“He thought of the deep crevasses and windy caves of Underlay, and the stories of the creatures that dwelt there. Of course, he didn’t believe in them. He’d told them, because the handing on of an oral mythology was very important to a developing culture, but he didn’t believe in supernatural monsters. He shivered. He hoped they didn’t believe in him.”
Over the course of the trilogy Gwyn and his friend Nia has to battle otherworldly beings, icy children, an evil prince that has possessed one of their relatives.
“After moving to New Athens, she hopes to lead an unassuming life disguised as a mortal journalist.”
“Their descendents in the House of Berethnet have ruled Inys as queens and been the symbol of the religion of Virtuedom, while dragons and magic are condemned and feared. ”
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