H. Cresswell, A. Fine, J. Mark, H. McKay, S. Price Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from H. Cresswell, A. Fine, J. Mark, H. McKay, S. Price
“jemima Pinchin was seven years old and lived at number twenty-eight Lime Street. She had an older brother, Juke, who was a show off, and a baby brother, Joe, who yelled a lot.”
“She said it before she even had time to think. She didn’t know why she said it, she just did. She run into the back garden and jumped on the swing. Everything swam into a green blur. ‘That was so funny!’ she thought.”
“Now Mister Maggs was swinging from the wrought iron arch to the churchyard. Could he be arrested for that? She very much hoped not. She was beginning to like the jaunty Mister Maggs.”
“As it happened, Jemima’s best friend in the whole world was called Jane. The good news was that she lived a number twenty-six Lime Street. The bad news was that her family were moving house. When the day came, Jemima and Jane were in floods of tears.”
“it must be true. After all, he had turned up out of the blue to take the blame for breaking the rattle. Only a best friend would to that. ‘Thanks, Mister Maggi! she said out loud. ‘Like a swing?’ She climbed off and began to push the empty swing to and fro.”
“He was wearing a baggy suit with red and yellow checks, with a green shirt, and red and yellow spotted bow-tie. He had twiggy fingers and black shiny shoes. Jemima stared up at him. He was much bigger than she was.”
“The next day was Jake’s birthday and the family was going for a picnic. His favorite present was a beautiful rainbow kite and there were going to find somewhere to fly it. Jemima made a promise to herself that if there was such thing as being good as gold, she was going to be it_ all day.”
“Nicholas Brown was eight years old. He had hair the color of bonfire flames and freckles as big as raindrops. The gap where his two front teeth should have been a gap for so long that this friends could not imagine his face any other way.”
“Nick had a best friend called Sam. He was such a good friend that he called for Nick every morning and walked to school with him and his mother, despite the daily risk of being kissed in front of the lollipop lady himself, which was what sometimes happened if Sam did not escape into the playground fast enough.”
“it’s all right, Miss Gilhoolie,′ Sam told her when Nick was not longer sitting on his chest and he could breath again. ‘We weren’t fighting.’ ‘We were talking,’ added Nick, collecting together his packet of cheese and tomato sandwiches (labeled Eat First).”
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