Harald Sigurdson Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Harald Sigurdson
“A viking is born, my son, and never escapes his destiny. As some men love horses and others love hunting wolves, so a viking loves ships, every plank and rope of them, and he is never happy unless he is riding the track of the whale, treading the path of the gannet.”
″‘Come you, shipmaster, and let us drink together, for you seem a sharp fellow.’ Bjorn said, ‘Not I, Thorkell, but my apprentice.’ ‘Bring him, too,’ said Thorkell. ‘A lad who has thoughts about oarholes like that should make a viking one day.‘”
“Such a king as he does not deserve a funeral fire like that. A king who has no ship to take him to Odin is not worth following. Better a man should go a-viking for himself.”
“Better to become the bear’s supper than to remain the cow’s slave.”
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