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Eight of the best book quotes about supper
“The mice kept their half of the bargain and worked quite hard every day. They made sure that the flowers were always fresh and artistically arranged. They polished the congregation’s shoes while they listened to the sermon. If there was a wedding they all went outside to pick up the confetti, and if anyone had thrown rice they picked that up too and made a big rice pudding for supper.”
“She was very sad. The garden was dark. The house was dark too. Mog sat in the dark and thought dark thoughts. She thought, ‘Nobody likes me. They’ve all gone to bed. There’s no one to let me in. And they haven’t even given me my supper’. “
“The thing is, we are all, in a sense, supper. Walking, talking, breathing suppers, that’s what we are. Take you, for instance. YOU are about to be eaten by ME, so that makes you supper. That’s obvious. But even a murderous carnivore like myself will be supper for worms one day. We’re all snatching precious moments from the peaceful jaws of time.”
“Girls and boys come out to play, The moon it shines as bright as day; Leave your supper, and leave your sleep, And come to your playmates in the street; Come with a whoop, come with a call, Come with a good will, or come not at all; Up the ladder and down the wall, A halfpenny loaf will serve us all.”
“They all hugged each other with joy and the children played until suppertime.”
“But my sister hadn’t meant to be naughty. She thought she had given the book-little-boy her own supper, and you know she was quite a greedy child, so it was a kind thing to do really.”
“Better to become the bear’s supper than to remain the cow’s slave.”
“I pray you, be seated and sup how you please. You will, I trust, excuse me that I do not join you; but I have dined already, and I do not sup.”
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