Odin Quotes

13 of the best book quotes from Odin
“I’m doing fine. On my festival days they still feast on eggs and rabbits, on candy and on flesh, to represent rebirth and copulation. They wear flowers in their bonnets and they give each other flowers. They do it in my name. More and more of them every year. In my name, old wolf.”
“We rode here in their minds, and we took root.”
“Its like bees and honey. Each bee makes only a tiny, tiny drop of honey. It takes thousands of them, millions perhaps, all working together to make the pot of honey you have on your breakfast table. Now imagine that you could eat nothing but honey. That’s what it’s like for my kind of people…we feed on belief, on prayers, on love. It takes a lot of people believing just the tiniest bit to sustain us.”
″‘And as for keeping my word, well, these preliminary talks are being filmed and broadcast live,’ and he gestured back toward the camera. ‘Some of your people are watching as we speak. Others will see video-tapes. Others will be told, by those they trust. The camera does not lie.’ ‘Everybody lies,’ said Wednesday.”
“Rigged games are the easiest ones to beat.”
“I have traveled so much, I have tried much, and I have often tested the mighty. How will there still be a sun when the wolf has eaten the one that now flies in heaven?”
“Then travel safe, and come back in one piece-- stay safe on your journeys, Odin! May your wits serve you well wherever you go, when you exchange words with the giant.”
“Heed my words, all classes of men, you greater and lesser children of Heimdall. You summoned me, Odin, to tell what I recall of the oldest deeds of gods and men.”
“But Odin and his brothers created the earth, it was they who made Midgard. The sun shone from the south upon the stones of their hall, and the land turned green with growing plant-life.”
“Such a king as he does not deserve a funeral fire like that. A king who has no ship to take him to Odin is not worth following. Better a man should go a-viking for himself.”
“Before them stood an old man, very tall and upright, carrying a staff as though it were a king’s sceptre. There was something so noble about the old man that the children knew, in spite of his simple tunic and broad-brimmed hat, that he must be a king at the very least.”
″‘There are always giants,’ replied Odin, ‘and men must always fight against them.’ ‘I don’t know what you mean,’ said Sandy, lifting a puzzled face. ‘I understand,’ said Sheila softly, ‘you mean fighting against the things that are wrong.’ Odin nodded. ‘Even children may fight that fight,’ he said. ‘Come!‘”
“There is no magic when one no longer believes.”
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