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“There is no such joy in the tavern as upon the road thereto.”
“I thought that if I did not eat and drink then death would simply follow, but in practice I found that thirst becomes such a frantic obsession that it takes a greater resolve than mine to resist it.”
“Besides fueling great ideas, tequila also dissolves the filter between my brain and my mouth.”
“Group drinkards maaks grope thinkards.”
“Men and women drink essentially because they like the effect produced by alcohol. The sensation is so elusive that, while they admit it is injurious, they cannot after a time differentiate the true from the false. To them, their alcoholic life seems the only normal one.”
“The idea that somehow, someday he will control and enjoy his drinking is the great obsession of every abnormal drinker.”
“So ‘Grandma’ read the letter And poured the tea, Which the not-so-Jolly Postman Drank...nervously.”
“Even my Mum’s laughing. She don’t usually laugh when Dad is drinking. That’s most of the time so Mum don’t laugh much at all when he’s around.”
“It’s not easy to keep Clifford. He eats and drinks a lot.”
“After recess, Treehorrn was thirsty, so he went down the hall to the water bubbler. He couldn’t reach it, and he tried to jump up high enough. He still couldn’t get a drink, but he kept jumping up and down, trying.”
“all my parents do is drink. They hate me. Do you know what it’s like waking up every morning knowing you’re not good enough? there are only two things wrong with me-everything I do and everything I say. They’ll never be happy until I’m dead”
“Topthorn, I noticed, always shook his head in the water before he started to drink so that alongside him I was showered all over my face and neck with cooling water.”
“Each cat took a sip of water, and the pond was gone!”
“One morning a mosquito saw an iguana drinking at a waterhole. The mosquito said, ‘Iguana, you will never believe what I saw yesterday.’ ‘Try me,’ said the iguana. The mosquito said, ‘I saw a farmer digging yams that were almost as big as I am.’ ‘What’s a mosquito compared to a yam?’ snapped the iguana grumpily. ‘I would rather be deaf than listen to such nonsense!’ ”
″‘Come you, shipmaster, and let us drink together, for you seem a sharp fellow.’ Bjorn said, ‘Not I, Thorkell, but my apprentice.’ ‘Bring him, too,’ said Thorkell. ‘A lad who has thoughts about oarholes like that should make a viking one day.‘”
“Cleanliness: mentions smoking and drinking. Mentions St. Nicholas and a man dresses up pretending to be him for a couple of children.”
“Let’s broach a puncheon of Jamaica rum. We’ve got a beauty in the Amazon. Let’s go to the harbour and get it. It’s really good stuff. Sometimes our cook is quite friendly, for a native. She calls it lemonade.”
Little Chandler allowed his whisky to be very much diluted. “You don’t know what’s good for you, my boy,” said Ignatius Gallaher. “I drink mine neat.”
“I drink very little as a rule,” said Little Chandler modestly.
A spasm of rage gripped his throat for a few moments and then passed, leaving after it a sharp sensation of thirst. The man recognised the sensation and felt that he must have a good night’s drinking.
Drinking is such a beastly thing, anyhow.
Source: Chapter 21, Line 7
“You had been drinking as well as begging last night, had you not?”
Source: Chapter 25, Line 44
“You ought to stop drinking if you can’t control yourself.
Source: Chapter 25, Line 57

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