not worrying Quotes

13 of the best book quotes about not worrying
“Do not worry about tomorrow until you have to.”
″‘Scuse me. We’re heading straight for a brick wall.’ ‘Don’t...worry,’s just a hologram”
“Never bring your personal problems to work.... The customers have enough problems of their own without having to worry about yours.”
“But I had never caused my parents, ‘a minute’s worry.’ Didn’t they know that worry proves you care?”
″ ‘Don’t you worry,’ said Mrs. Mallard. ‘I know all about bringing up children.’ And she did.”
″‘What I am wondering,’ said the Doctor, ‘is where we are going to get another boat to go home in...Oh well, perhaps we’ll find one lying about on the beach that nobody is using.‘”
“Soon Marc called out for his mom again. ‘I’m afraid I’ll fall out of bed’, he told her. ‘Don’t worry my love,’ his mom answered. ‘I’ll fix that, and soon you’ll drift off to sleep.’ ”
″‘Money,’ he said, ‘is a terrible nuisance. But it’s nice not to have to worry.‘”
“It’d probably work out. No good worrying too much. But it would be strange actually having a boy living indoors. He got on well with most of the black kids at school, but having one at home all the time would be bound to be a bit different.”
“Quieting the mind means less thinking, calculating, judging, worrying, fearing, hoping, trying, regretting, controlling, jittering or distracting.”
“Don’t you worry, my little man. I shall love you always. I’ll teach you your letters and your numbers, and how to sit on a horse.”
“Don’t worry about dying, Elsa. Worry about not living. Be brave.”
“She wanted to do things without having to worry what others thought. She simply lived for her freedom.”
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