man and natural world Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about man and natural world
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    “Growth is limited by that necessity which is present in the least amount. And, naturally, the least favorable condition controls the growth rate.”
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    “Jurassic Park is not the real world. It is intended to be a controlled world that only imitates the natural world.”
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    “There were some weather blimps in front of us. They were all yellow in the sunset that was spreading over the CloudsTM.”
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    “We watched the sea move around. It was dead, but colorful.
    It was blue when the sun hit it one way, and purple when the sun hit it another way, and sometimes yellow or green. We had on suits so we wouldn’t smell it.”
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    “She told me about the scales on butterflies, and the way animals lived in ducts, sometimes whole herds. People would hear the stampeding through their walls. There were new kinds of fungus, she said, that were making jungles where the cables ran. There were slugs so big a toddler could ride them sidesaddle. ‘The natural world is so adaptable,’ she said. ‘So adaptable you wonder what’s natural.‘”
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    “It smelled like the country. It was a filet mignon farm, all of it, and the tissue spread for miles around the paths where we were walking. It was like these huge hedges of red all around us, with these beautiful marble patterns running through them. They had these tubes, they were bringing the tissue blood, and we could see the blood running around, up and down. It was really interesting. I like to see how things are made, and to understand where they come from.”