John Hammond Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from John Hammond
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    “And I trust by now that you all know what the eventual outcome is going to be. You’re going to have to shut the thing down.”
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    “There is absolutely no problem with the island.”
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    “Jurassic Park is not the real world. It is intended to be a controlled world that only imitates the natural world.”
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    “We have real dinosaurs out there now. That’s what people want to see.”
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    “So we set out to make biological attractions. Living attractions. Attractions so astonishing they would capture the imagination of the entire world.”
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    “Your doctor Wu does not even know the names of the things he is creating. He cannot be bothered with such details as what the thing is called, let alone what it is.”
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    “And, you remember our original intent was to use the emerging technology of genetic engineering to make money. A lot of money.”
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    “From a business standpoint, that makes helping mankind a very risky business. Personally, I would never help mankind.”
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    “But what are you going to do to my animals?”
    “That’s not really the question, Mr. Hammond… The question is, what are they going to do to us?”