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Six of the best book quotes about map
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    “The map had been the first form of misdirection, for what was a map but a way of emphasizing some things and making other things invisible?”
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    “Names are powerful things. They act as an identity marker and a kind of map, locating you in time and geography. More than that, they can be a compass.”
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    “Trees and bushes grow over concrete, reclaiming little pockets and corners, but even more have been cleared away. Shattered glass crunches under my feet and clouds of dust drift in the wind, but somehow this place, the picture of neglect, doesn’t feel abandoned. I know this place from the histories, from the books and old maps.”
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    “Her neck scars are a road map, too, aren’t they? Places she’s been best not to remember”
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    “Happiness is not a destination. It’s a state of being.”
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    “The file was marked: ‘Error - no such appears on map - must mean Albany.‘”