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10 of the best book quotes from My Place
“Whilhemina in 1828, has a dad who used to be a convict, but he is now in charge of convicts himself, and runs a farm.”
“Bertie, in 1918, has a brother who has lost a leg due to the War. Benjamin, in 1858 was actually born in San Francisco. His family came here because of the gold rush.”
“We go back to Barangaroo, in 1788, who is staying here with her Aborigine tribe. These brief synopses do nothing to impart the warmth, charm and humour of these write ups….”
“Sam, in 1798, is an eleven year old convict, sent to Australia from England for stealing a jacket because he was cold. He works for Mr. Owen, who sometimes beats him.”
“Besides each child telling their wonderful stories, they also do a map of what the land looks like whilst they are living there, and thus - because we are going backwards - we see an unravelling of progress.”
″ the landscape changes from a modern built-up townscape, through to farm land, and finally back to the wilderness of the aborigines. The one thing that stays constant is a much loved old fig tree.”
“Sofia in 1968 has photographs of Paul McCartney all over her bedroom wall, because he is her favorite Beatle.”
“Col, in 1938, has the experience of seeing a neighbor getting evicted during the Great Depression. Bridie, in 1928 and with much excitement, sees the arrival of electricity in her house.”
“Starting in 1988 and going back 200 years, we are told the history of Australia by being told the history of one particular place, told by the generations of children who have lived in that one spot. ”
“The book spans two centuries, from 1788 to 1988, and covers the same quarter acre of land – as we see how it has changed throughout this period. This is done via the voices of the children living there, and we visit them in 10-yearly intervals to learn about their lives and situations. The book travels backwards through time.”

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