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“He thought: Peaceful sound. Peaceful place…. He thought: Best of an island is once you get there—you can’t go any farther … you’ve come to the end of things…. He knew, suddenly, that he didn’t want to leave the island.”
“Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren’t a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was.”
“That place of true healing is a fierce place. It’s a giant place. It’s a place of monstrous beauty and endless dark and glimmering light. And you have to work really, really, really hard to get there, but you can do it.”
“Where you are is who you are. The inside further inside you the place moves, the more your identity is intertwined with it. Never casual, the choice of place is the choice of something you crave.”
“Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different.”
“Whatever a guidebook says, whether or not you leave somewhere with a sense of the place is entirely a matter of smell and instinct.”
“I simply fell in love - like you fall in love with a person - and schemed to find a way to stay there. It wasn’t easy.”
“Everyone’s got some place to be. Finding God is not on the schedule.”
“You do not live in America. No such place exists.”
“The purpose of bureaucracy is to compensate for incompetence and lack of discipline–a problem that largely goes away if you have the right people in the first place.”
″ The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll GO.”
“Alone had always felt like an actual place to me, as if it weren’t a state of being, but rather a room where I could retreat to be who I really was.”
“Her neck scars are a road map, too, aren’t they? Places she’s been best not to remember”
“I think Haiti is a place that suffers so much from neglect that people only want to hear about it when it’s at its extreme. And that’s what they end up knowing about it.”
“Incompetence knows no barriers of time or place.”
“In the universe, on a planet, on a continent, in a country, in a city, on a block, in a house, in a window, in the rain, a little girl named Madlenka finds out her tooth wiggles...”
“In the town live witches nine: three in worsted, three in rags, and three in velvet fine...”
“Then she thought she’d found the perfect place...and it was! But not everyone thought so...”
“No, Hell wasn’t anything to do with places, Hell was all to do with people. Maybe Hell was people. […] No place was Hell, no place could be Hell. It’s the people calling it Hell, that’s the only thing that made it so.”
“I am a creature of several worlds. I know the house and the village and have my place in both.”
“It is quite a revelation to discover that the place you wanted to escape to is the exact same place you escaped from. That the prison wasn’t the place, but the perspective.”
“Amos, a mouse, lived by the ocean. He loved the ocean. He loved the smell of sea air. He loved to hear the surf sounds- the bursting breakers, the backwashes with rolling pebbles. He thought a lot about the ocean, and he wondered about the faraway places on the other side of the water.”
“An island can be dreadful for someone from outside. Everything is complete, and everyone has his obstinate, sure and self-sufficient place. Within their shores, everything functions according to rituals that are as hard as rock from repetition, and at the same time they amble through their days as whimsically and casually as if the world ended at the horizon.”
“No, I could not be cruel, and yet I must often do what looks cruel to those who do not know. But the people they say I drown, I only carry away to the back of the north wind - only I never saw the place.”
“He called this place his nest. He went to it by going up a little rope ladder that hung from a branch of the big beech tree. When he reached the limb the rope hung from, he went climbing higher and higher. Up among the leafy branches and away at the top, he found a safe and comfortable seat which he called his nest.”
“Dear Prince, I must leave you, but I will never forget you, and next spring I will bring you back two beautiful jewels in place of those you have given away.”
“TV is in the drawing room I always have to watch it with a parasol in case there’s some sort of glare And oh my Lord when its fight night Nanny is absolutely wild and we have to scamper into our places and get ready”
“Half the places I have been to, never were. I make things up. Half the things I say are there cannot be found.”
A captivating tale which beautifully describes outback South Australia and life in a railway siding. Even the places that they hate (the siding for Sylvie) are places you want to see.
“It was like exploring a place that you have seen in a dream, where everything is just where you expect it and yet everything is a surprise.”
“She noticed immediately that they were now in an altogether paler country. The sun had disappeared above a film of vapor. The air was becoming cooler every minute. The land was flat and treeless and there seemed to be no color in it at all. Every minute, the mist became thicker. The air became colder still and everything became paler and paler until soon there was nothing but grey and white all around them. They were in a country of swirling mists and ghostly vapors. There was some sort of grass underfoot but it was not green. It was ashy grey.”

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