mess Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes about mess
“The only way out of this mess, of course, is to take steps to ensure that you control the idiots that you become. To take your chain gang, hand in hand, and lead them. The best way to do this is with a list.”
“Lists are the only way out of this mess.”
“I could say these unfiltered things to him because he didn’t care. Wes Bennett knew what a mess I was underneath it all, and there was a little bit of joy in knowing he saw the real me. Freedom.”
“Mr. Archimedes’ bath always overflowed. And Mr. Archimedes always had to clean up the mess.”
“The friends had so much fun that night, jumping in and out, making the water go up and down, that they made more mess than ever before.”
“When Mr. Bird came in, all he could see was a mess of hay and string and stuffing and horse hair and man hair and straws. Where was Mrs. Bird?”
“And no mess is ever too big for God.”
“I’m a mess, just like these crayons!”
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