Porter Gale Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes from Porter Gale
“I believe in the power of connections, not just between people but between passion and productivity, between value and profit, between authenticity and purpose, and ultimately between your heart and your wallet.”
“I believe in the power of social capital to improve your productivity, expand your professional options, and raise your overall quality of life.”
“The new way to network and build your true net worth is about charting your own course, living life based on your passions, and being the best you can be.”
“I turned my weaknesses into opportunities for personal growth.”
“The new model of networking, is based on a foundation of self-discovery and the pursuit of long-term relationships based on shared values and mutual interests...”
″...the process of assessment is a constant companion, and making a change in one area of your life inevitably calls for an evaluation of others.”
“Having confidence in who we are and why we matter prepares us to actualize more of our potential by creating a complex, rich web of relationships.”
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