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    “No there’s no way not to suffer. But you try all kinds of ways to keep from drowning in it, to keep on top of it, and to make it seem—well, like, you. Like you did something, all right, and now you’re suffering for it.”
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    “Believe in the integrity and value of the jagged path. We don’t always do the right thing on our way to rightness.”
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    “I take a good long look at her. I know life well enough to know you can’t count on things staying around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to.”
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    “I think it is more like what you are willin to become. And I think a man would have to put his soul at hazard. And I wont do that. I think now that maybe I never would.”
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    “We alternate choosing places to go, but we also have to be willing to go where the road takes us. This means the grand, the small, the bizarre, the poetic, the beautiful, the ugly, the surprising. Just like life.”
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    “I think of my own epitaph, still to be written, and all the places I’ll wander. No longer rooted, but gold, flowing. I feel a thousand capacities spring up in me.”
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    “My father says a girl who fails to marry is veering from God’s plan - that’s what he’s got against college...”
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    “Any arbitrary turning along the way and I would be elsewhere; I would be different.”
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    “We don’t become geisha so our lives will be satisfying. We become geisha because we have no other choice.”
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    “An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms. ”
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    “What will be the sign that you were here? It’s important that you realize that you have a responsibility to do something with your life. You mustn’t be cavalier with this precious gift you have from above.”
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    “We all get lost once in a while, sometimes by choice, sometimes due to forces beyond our control. When we learn what it is our soul needs to learn, the path presents itself.”
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    “When I was 5, he said, my family forgot & left me at the fair. I wandered around in the bright sounds & smells of hot sawdust & cotton candy for hours. It was already too late by the time my parents found me.
    I haven’t been fit for decent society since.”
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    “Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?
    Garth Nix
    life pathpurpose
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    “The highest spiritual path is life itself. If you know how to live daily life, it all becomes a deliberating experience.”
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    “Do not fear the thorns in your path, for they draw only the corrupt blood.”
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    “Our parts now -- which perforce we must play -- are not father and daughter, but one old Abhorsen, making way for the new. But behind this, there is always my love.”
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    “It may be well to repeat here the saying that old men talk of what they have done, young men of what they are doing, and fools of what they expect to do. The Negro race has a rather large share of the last mentioned class.”
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    “We each have a unique path to walk in this life, and there is a reason that yours is unfolding the way that it is.”
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    “Don’t be impatient. It’s not over until God says it’s over. If you will keep pressing forward, one day you will look back and see how it all played into a master plan that God had designed for our lives.”

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    “In order for the teachings of mystical spirituality to come true in your life, you must make them the central force in your life. You must center your life around them and infuse them into every aspect of your life.”
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    “Nevertheless, we all of us, to varying degrees, believed that when you saw the person you were copied from, you’d get some insight into who you were deep down, and maybe too, you’d see something of what your life held in store.”
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    “How very remorseful are you, who have accumulated evil! On this dangerous red passageway traversed by all, When you are brought to trial by the executors of Yama’s rites, even though you may have been once very powerful, here, it will be of no avail! Now is the time for the hearts and lungs of all great wrongdoers to be torn apart! Since you have practiced non-virtue, this reckoning of your past actions will be quicker and more powerful than lightning, so by fleeing you will not escape, and by showing remorse, this will be of no help! How pitiful are the human beings of Jambudvlpa who do not strive to practice the [sacred] teachings!”
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    “I didn’t want to end up like my dad, living in the same house, in the same small town I’d grown up in, with the same people who had never dreamed their way out of here.”
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    “If it meant that I’d finally be able to put my grandfather’s mystery to rest and get on with my unextraordinary life, anything I had to endure would be worth it.”
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    “The chilling truth is that his story could have been mine. The tragedy is that my story could have been his.”
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    “Your heart will fix itself. It’s your mind you need to worry about. Your mind where you locked the memories, your mind where you have kept pieces of the ones that hurt you, that still cut through you like shards of glass. ”
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    “Our stories are obviously specific to our two lives, but I hope they will illuminate the crucial inflection points in every life, the sudden moments of decision where our paths diverge and our fates are sealed.”
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    “Once we truly know that life is difficult – once we truly understand and accept it – then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”
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    “They’ll have a lot of troubles, I suppose, but that’s none of our business. Everybody has a right to their own troubles.”
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    “In this pleasing, contrite wood-life which God allows me, let me record day by day my honest thought without prospect or retrospect, and, I cannot doubt, it will be found symmetrical, though I mean it not, and see it not.”
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    “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”
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    “You Are On The Right Path. Listen more to Me, and less to your doubts. I am leading you along the way I designed just for you.”
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    “I will not show you what is on the road ahead, but I will thoroughly equip you for the journey. [...] Thus, you can walk through this day with your focus on Me. My abiding Presence is the best road map available.”
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    “It’s like many other things in life, Ellie. You keep on the path and all’s well. You get off it and the next thing you know you’re lost if you’re not lucky.”
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    “Instead, I simply vowed to the universe that I would write forever, regardless of the result. I promised that I would try to be brave about it, and grateful, and as uncomplaining as I could possibly be. I also promised that I would never ask writing to take care of me financially, but that I would always take care of it—meaning that I would always support us both, by any means necessary. I did not ask for any external rewards for my devotion; I just wanted to spend my life as near to writing as possible—forever close to that source of all my curiosity and contentment—and so I was willing to make whatever arrangements needed to be made in order to get by.”
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    “A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner—continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you—is a fine art, in and of itself.”
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    “You got to where you are in your life right now by moving along the path of least resistance.”
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    “We cannot merely pray to You, O God, to end war; For we know that You have made the world in a way That man must find his own path to peace Within himself and with his neighbor.”
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    “No, I’m not settling here. I’m going to keep pressing forward.”
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    “God is preparing you for greater things. He’s going to take you further than you thought possible, so don’t e surprised when He asks you to think better of yourself and act accordingly.”

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