sniffing Quotes

Four of the best book quotes about sniffing
“They’ll take us down fast to the Birthday Flower Jungle. The best-sniffing flowers that anyone grows we have grown to be sniffed by your own private nose.”
The soup wasn’t tasty. They’d made it too salty. They didn’t feel hungry anyway. They both sobbed over supper, and their tears dripped into the soup, and made it even saltier. “We should have let him stir the soup,” sniffed the Squirrel. “He was only trying to help,” wept the Cat. “Let’s go out and look for him”.
″‘Suppose the smell in the lake comes from them. And they can smell us...’ ‘How could it come from them?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘If you’re right I hope we smell a bit better.’ He grinned at her but she was too worried to laugh. She took the binoculars back. Yes, the man was sniffing, there was no mistake about that.”
“With tails in the air they trotted on down past the shops and the park to the far end of town. They sniffed at the smells and they snooped at each door.”
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