Pastures of the Blue Crane Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Pastures of the Blue Crane
“Also, he gathered that Mr. Merewether intended to ignore his daughter as far as possible, that she had no relatives or family friends to help her, and that, at the age of three, she was expected more or less to make her own way in the world.”
“Then she smiled. Strangely, he could not remember having seen her smile before. It was a disarming one, slightly crooked, showing a dimple. Mr Herbert was surprised and pleased by it.”
″‘You and my father,’ -she glowered at poor Mr. Herbert- ‘did it ever occur to you that you couldn’t always get rid of me simply by shoving me into some school?‘”
″-the girl with her expensive boarding-school snobbery, the old man with his Salvation Army suit and shirt with no collar. Really, he reflected, there was something most prickly and difficult about the pair of them.”
“He went back. Robert went back. We’d just had that quarrel- aw, you wouldn’t remember, but I do, little as I want to. Robert went back to the old place. Now why do you reckon?”
“It must, thought he, be true that blood is ultimately thicker than water. He guessed that these two stubborn and arrogant people were both more lonely than he could imagine, and at the bottom of their hearts pleased to find themselves with kith and kin, no matter whom.”
“Amaryllis, the proud and aloof, had one solitary relative at last, but one to cause her pride to fall.”
“Yes, I’m afraid it’s true, Amaryllis. Your father was killed. It happened in a timber accident, in New Guinea. It’s dangerous work, timber milling. I want you to know you have my deepest sympathy. I’ll be happy to do all I can for you. As a friend, you know, my dear, not just as a solicitor.”
“When he smiles he looks rather nice. He’s an old wreck and could do with a complete overhaul- his clothes are terrible, but he’s -well- he’s got something!”
“Nations could make war, tidal waves could sweep the world- but Dusty counted these things as none of his business. What really shocked him was to have to postpone his washing day.”
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