speaking up Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about speaking up
“At last Maddie sat up in bed and pressed her forehead tight in her hands and really thought. This was the hardest thinking she had ever done. After a long, long time she reached an important conclusion. She would never stand by and say nothing again.”
“Dicey was frightened, with a fear that swelled up deep within her. This fear had two heads, and Dicey was caught between them: she was afraid to speak and lose what they had gained of a place for themselves in this house; she was afraid to keep silent and lose what she felt was right for Sammy, for her family.”
“When you have the microphone, what you say matters, even when you’re just kidding.”
“But this is my voice.”
″‘I speak now for Gnorre Nithing because he not a man to speak for himself. He is a warrior and a viking, not a talker about firesides.’ Thorkell smiled up at him gently, ‘What right have you to speak for another man, Aun Doorback?’ he said. ‘The best right of all, Master Goldhair,’ said Aun. ‘It was my brother that Gnorre killed.‘”
“Up, voices! Louder! Higher!”
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