Strange Objects Quotes

10 of the best book quotes from Strange Objects
“On 4 June 1629 the Dutch vessel Batavia struck uncharted rocks off the Western Australian coast. ”
“By the time help arrived over 120 men, women and children had met their deaths - not in the sea but murdered by two fellow survivors, Wouter Loos and Jan Pelgrom.”
“In 1986 teenager Steven Messenger discovers gruesome relics from that wreck. Four months later he disappears without a trace.”
“It was until five days later, when I opened my mail at the Institute to find a series of documents supposedly written by Steven Messenger, that his disappearance attracted national attention.”
“An ongoing problem with Messenger’s discoveries was that many authorities, including myself, considered they were not all accounted for.”
“Steven Messenger, a student at Hamelin High School, discovered the hand in a cave among cliffs to the north of the Murchison River Mouth. The hand had been sealed in an iron pot and hidden at the back of the cave.”
“That was Saturday night and after tea, the teachers, Ericson and a new woman called Schuller, had gone down the beach by themselves.”
“That afternoon when the rain came, all the sleeping gear had been shifted into a cliff cave, behind the fire. It was hight in there, going right up into the cliff itself, but the entrance was almost sealed by sand and i had to drop on my hands and kneel to crawl in.”
“I did not move a muscle. I lay there thinking someone was behind me, in that darkness. But nothing happened. No movement. No voice. I started to count in my head. Still nothing, even after I passed a hundred.”
“I got up on my knees and crawled out of my sleeping bag but I didn’t say anything. I shone my torch around the top of the pot and there was a lid with a handle on it. Dirt and small rocks were all over this.”
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