Tessa Duder Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Tessa Duder
“Alex faces intense competition and will have to swim the race of her life to achieve her dream.”
″‘I have always known that in another life I was-or will be-a dolphin. I am a pink human, caught in a net of ambition and years of hard work.”
“Alex has been training hard for six years--but so has her archrival, Maggie Benton. Maggie isn’t the only obstacle Alex must overcome. She’s spread herself too thin at school, and at home she’s worried about her grandmother’s failing health.”
“Here’s why, diary. Because I’m lying in bra and pants in stifling heat on a new bed in a new twin-bed room in the new Olympic village in Rome and somehow we’ve lost twelve hours and the dates are wrong.”
“This is a book about falling in love, grief, family relationships, friends, winning, loosing, pain, New Zealand in the late fifties.”
“In a few minutes I will dive into artificially turquoise water waiting at my feet. A minute later I’ll either be ecstatic or a failure. Fifteen-year-old swimming champ Alex Archer has her mind set on one goal-competing in the Olympic Games in Rome.”
“Copious tears for Maggie who is lying in a hospital bed hooked up to tubes of blood ten thousand miles away instead of being here sharing this room with me.”
“Set in 1959 this is story of fifteen year old Alex, a champion swimmer who is swimming to qualify for the Olympic Games in Rome.”
“Alex is a many talented, fun loving girl. She is an aspiring swimming champion, a great pianist, a wonderful actor, an achieving ballet dancer, and a skilled and determined hockey player...”
“The moving and inspiring story of Alex, a champion swimmer. Alex is swimming to qualify for the Olympic Games. In the past year she has fallen in love and has known what it is to lose – in swimming and in life.”
“She needs complete concentration for the competition, but it’s becoming harder to give her all. Then, her handsome boyfriend, Andy is in a terrible accident. Even if Alex can deal with all these unforeseen problems, can she beat Maggie to make it to the Olympic Games?”
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