The Butter Battle Book Quotes

15 of the best book quotes from The Butter Battle Book
“My Boys in the Back Room have already begun to think up a walloping whizz-zinger one! My Bright Boys are thinking. They’re on the right track. They’ll think one up quick and we’ll send you right back!”
“Fight! Fight for the Butter Side up! Do or Die!”
“Who’s going to drop it? Will you... Or will he?”
“On the last day of summer, ten hours before fall... my grandfather took me out to the Wall.”
“The Wall wasn’t so high and I could look any Zook square in the eye. If he dared to come close I could give him a twitch with my tought-tufted prickely Snick-Berry Switch. ”
“I’m unhappy to say he came back the next day in a spiffy new suit with a big new machine, and he snarled as he said, looking frightfully mean.”
“We didn’t do. And we didn’t quiet die. But we sure did get worsted, poor Daniel and I.”
“But we Yooks, as you know, when we breakfast or sup, spread our bread, with the butter side up. Thats the right, honest way!”
“We’ve just voted and made you a general! You’ve been promoted. Your pretty new uniform’s ready. Get in it! The Big War is coming. You’re going to begin it! And what’s more, this time you are certain to win it!”
“It’s high time that you knew of the terribly horrible thing that Zooks do. In ever Zook house and in every Zook town every Zook eat his bread with the butter side down!”
“Then one terrible day a very rude Zook by the name of VanItch snuck up and slingshotted my Snick-Berry Switch!”
″ ‘If you sprinkle us Zooks, you’ll get sprinkled as well!’ VanItch had a Sputter exactly like mine!”
“So you can’t trust a Zook who spread bread underneath! Every Zook must be watched! He has kinks in his soul!”
″ ‘Here’s the end of that terrible town full of Zooks who eat bread with the butter side down!’ And at that very instant we heard a klupp-klupp of feet on the Wall and old VanItch klupped up!”
“That’s when Grandfather found me! He grabbed me. He said, ′ you should be down that hole! And you’re up here instead! But perhaps this is all for the better, somehow. You will see me make history! RIGHT HERE! AND RIGHT NOW!′ ”
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