the edge Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about the edge
“Once upon a time there was a birch rising in the middle of a meadow. Even at the edge of the meadow shimmered a pool where a duck swam in a circle, dipping its beak from time to time.”
″ It was just past nine the next morning when they stepped off the bus on the edge of a large park. Yesterday’s storm, no doubt winter’s last stand, had spread a thick icing of snow over the park. A tenuous path had been tramped through it.”
“Sir, if I were you, so help me God, I would say, ‘turn back ye proud peasants! I have reached the edge of the wood now; the rooster shall stay here. In spite of you I will eat him in faith, and not be long about it.’ ”
“Jump right into the deep end of the story, don’t hang about on the edge.′
“High up in the mountains were terrible ledges Where the track ran along only feet from the edges. The view was breathtaking but after one look, It was so upsetting she shivered and shook.”
“Once upon a time there was a frog called Mr. Jeremy Fisher; he lived in a little damp house amongst the buttercups at the edge of a pond. The water was all slippery-sloppy in the larder and in the back passage. But Mr. Jeremy liked getting his feet wet; nobody ever scolded him, and he never caught a cold!”
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