shiver Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about shiver
“Her long white fingers fluttered gently, like a tired butterfly, and Coraline shivered.”
“We woke early, shivering and coated with dust that had blown up through the knotholes and in through the slits around the doorway. During the night Mama had unpacked all our clothes and heaped them on our beds for warmth.”
“When the drawbridge was lowered, a chill wind sighed across the moat. The touch of it made him shiver. It is the cold, nothing more, Theon told himself, a shiver, not a tremble. Even brave men shiver. ”
“Toad was getting colder and colder. He was beginning to shiver and sneeze. ‘I will have to come out of the water,’ said Toad. ‘I am catching a cold.’ ”
“Rain poured down like rain, only more so. Ramona shivered as the car filled with water. Maybe I should’ve rented a car with a roof, she thought.”
“High up in the mountains were terrible ledges Where the track ran along only feet from the edges. The view was breathtaking but after one look, It was so upsetting she shivered and shook.”
“A chilly breeze rippled the dark water and the soggy wet bear shivered and shook from the cold and also from fright. Bruce knew that the night hunters were already out on the prowl, and now he was fair game.”
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