The Wind Singer Quotes

Nine of the best book quotes from The Wind Singer
“She had gone so far now, she had broken so many rules and said such wicked things, that she knew she would suffer the most severe punishment; and since what was done could not be undone, she was free to be as bad as she wanted to be.”
“Indistinctly, he was sensing that the world he knew so well, the only world he had ever known until now, was a sort of prison, and that its people, his people, were trapped within its high walls.”
“The song of the wind singer will set you free...”
″‘O, unhappy people!’ she cried. ‘Tomorrow will bring sorrow, but the day after will bring laughter! Prepare to mingle your colours!‘”
″‘I love you Kess,’ said Mumpo, embracing her. ‘I’m so happy, are you happy? I want you to be as happy as me.’ And he gambolled around her, laughing and waving his mud-encrusted arms.”
″‘Why aren’t you afraid, Mumpo?’ asked Bowman. ‘What is there to be afraid of? Here we are, the three friends. The storm’s gone away. We’ve had our supper. Everything’s all right.‘”
″‘We were so looking forward to having you join our class,’ said the white-haired child, ‘But all’s well that ends well, as they say.‘”
“Kestrel watched, proud and full of wonder. Even though she was Bowman’s twin and sometimes felt as close to him as if they shared the same body, she didn’t understand this trick he had of going into people’s feelings. But she loved him for it.”
“In Aramanth, every man and woman is born equal, and has an equal chance to rise to the very highest position. There is no poverty here, or crime, or war. We have no need of prophets.”
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