throwing Quotes

Seven of the best book quotes about throwing
“The ball screamed toward the pitcher and seemed suddenly to dive down at his feet. He grabbed it to throw to first and realized to his horror that he held only the cover. The rest of it, unraveling cotton thread as it rode, was headed into the outfield.”
“Roy caught the pitcher’s eye. His own had blood in them. Youngberry shuddered. He threw—a bad ball—but the batter leaped at it. He struck out with a roar.”
“Although they bounced him and bumped him, and threw him like a feather on the wind...Max did not fly. He just floated gently back to earth.”
“Up and up he went... HIGHER and HIGHER... FASTER and FASTER.. He was going so fast and so high that soon the earth was just a tiny dot miles below.”
“Careful where you’re throwing those stones. You might hit someone.”
“He gives a plate of beans and a cup of tea to the baby. The baby eats the beans, throws the cup of tea on the floor and starts to laugh.”
″ ‘I don’t think I like boys,’ answered the Swallow. ‘Last summer, when I was staying on the river, there were two rude boys, the miller’s sons, who were always throwing stones at me.’ ”
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