Burglar Bill (Burglar Bill) Quotes

12 of the best book quotes from Burglar Bill (Burglar Bill)
″‘That’s a nice toothbrush,’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I’ll have that!’ And he puts it into his sack.”
“Say, ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow for changing my nappy,’ says Burglar Bill.”
″‘Blow me down,’ he says. ‘It ain’t no police cars, it’s!‘”
“Then he swings a big stolen sack over his shoulder and goes off to work, stealing things.”
“He falls off the piano stool and bangs his nose on the floor. The baby laugh and shouts, ‘Again!’ ‘Again?’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I didn’t want to do it the first time!‘”
“There, with a black mask over her mask and eyes and her hand in the bread-bin, stands a lady. ‘Who are you?’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I’m Burglar Betty,’ says the lady.”
“Burglar Bill lives by himself in a tall house full of stolen property. Every night he has stolen fish and chips and a cup of stolen tea for supper.”
“Then he goes upstairs and sleeps all day in a comfortable stolen bed.”
“When he comes to the sixteenth house, he stops. There on the front step is a big brown box with little holes in it. ‘That’s a nice big brown box with little holes in it,’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I’ll have that.‘”
″‘What was you doing in that box, baby?’ he says. But the baby only keeps on crying.”
“It’s a noise that Burglar Bill has heard before; the noise of someone opening a window and climbing carefully in. ‘Blow me down,’ says Burglar Bill. ‘I’m being burgled!‘”
“He gives a plate of beans and a cup of tea to the baby. The baby eats the beans, throws the cup of tea on the floor and starts to laugh.”
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