crocodiles Quotes

14 of the best book quotes about crocodiles
“Down by the river in the heat of the day the crocodile sleeps and awaits his prey.”
“The Enormous Crocodile found a large piece of wood and placed it in the middle of the playground. Then he lay across the piece of wood and tucked in his feet so that he looked almost exactly like a seesaw.”
″ I have secret plans and clever tricks”
“Crocodiles don’t eat berries, we eat little boys and girls. And sometimes we eat Roly-Poly Birds, as well. ”
“That’s not a coconut tree! It’s Enormous Crocodile and he wants to eat you up!”
“I’m going to fill my hungry empty tummy with something yummy yummy yummy!”
“I’m off to find a yummy child for lunch. Keep listening and you’ll hear the bones go crunch!”
“He picked a lovely bunch of flowers and arranged it on one of the tables. From the same table, he took away one of the benches and hid it in the bushes. Then he put himself in the place where the bench had been. ”
“That’s not a bench you were going to sit on! It’s the Enormous Crocodile, and he wants to eat you all up!”
“Up and up he went... HIGHER and HIGHER... FASTER and FASTER.. He was going so fast and so high that soon the earth was just a tiny dot miles below.”
“He whizzed on and on. He whizzed far into space. He whizzed past the moon. He whizzed past stars and planets. Until at last...with the most tremendous BANG! the Enormous Crocodile crashed headfirst into the hot hot son. And he was sizzled up like a sausage!”
“When no one was looking, he crept up onto the merry-go-round and put himself between a wooden lion and a fearsome dragon. He sat up a bit on his back legs and he kept very still. He looked exactly like a wooden crocodile on the merry-go-round. ”
“Emergency Four- Crocodile Attack. When attacked by a crocodile, prop a stick in its mouth and the crocodile is helpless.”
“Now, you gentlemen can save a lot of time if you just line up across the river and I’ll be along to give you each a lollipop.”
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