unrealistic standards Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about unrealistic standards
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    “Society programs us, through the subliminal messages of popular culture, to believe that we’re not truly desirable as women unless we adhere to the current standards of physical beauty.”
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    “i made change after change
    on the road to perfection
    but when i finally felt beautiful enough
    their definition of beauty
    suddenly changed
    what if there is no finish line
    and in an attempt to keep up
    i lose the gifts i was born with
    for a beauty so insecure
    it can’t commit to itself
    -the lies they sell”
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    “Was what he had heard about rich white people really true? Was he going to work for people like you saw in the movies . . . ? He looked at Trader Horn unfold and saw pictures of naked black men and women whirling in wild dances . . . .”