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    “Rahel looked around her and saw she was in a Play. But she had only a small part. She was just the landscape. A flower perhaps. Or a tree. A face in the crowd. A Townspeople.”
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    “The thing to do was to act just like others acted, live like they lived, and while they were not looking, do what you wanted. ”
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    “Decide. Commit. Act. Succeed. Repeat.”
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    “A man of knowledge lives by acting, not by thinking about acting. ”
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    “When you act, you’re always playing a version of yourself. You can’t bring more to the role than what you are.”
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    “And in that moment, everything I knew to be true about myself up until then was gone. I was acting like another woman, yet I was more myself than ever before.”
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    “The sky held scattered clouds; at that instant the sun came out from behind one and a shaft of light hit him.
    His clothes vanished. He stood before them, a golden youth, clothed only in beauty—beauty that made Jubal’s heart ache, thinking that Michelangelo in his ancient years would have climbed down from his high scaffolding to record it for generations unborn. Mike said gently, ‘Look at me. I am a son of man.‘”
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    “Look, I was an idiot. I didn’t want people to think that I had a crush, so I decided to give everyone the impression that I truly, honestly hated Madison Harter. For no reason. Just thinking about this makes me want to punch myself in the eyeball.”
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    “First, see clearly. Next, act correctly. Finally, endure and accept the world as it is.”
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    “We’re actors — we’re the opposite of people!”
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    ″‘I thought you were asking about children of mine,‘Luke interrupted smoothly. ‘Yes Jocelyn had a daughter. Clarissa. I assume she’s run off. Did Valentine send you to find her?”
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    “So take the time to think. Discover your real reason for being here and then have the courage to act on it.”

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