what matters most Quotes

Five of the best book quotes about what matters most
“For Google to have real impact, or even to reach liftoff, they would have to learn to make tough choices and keep their team on track. Given their healthy appetite for risk, they’d need to pull the plug on losers—to fail fast. Not least, they would need timely, relevant data. To track their progress. To measure what mattered.”
“Though some people may see themselves as better or more important than others, in God’s eyes we are all equal, and it’s what is in our hearts that matters.”
“People aren’t born good or bad. Maybe they’re born with tendencies either way, but it’s the way you live your life that matters.”
“A constitution is what you stand for. It’s the qualities that you are, that matter most to you, because you say so. It’s not merely what you think of yourself, and it has nothing to do with opinions you may have of yourself or judgments you may hold against yourself. It’s a bold, audacious statement of your core.”
“What matters isn’t what a person has or doesn’t have; it is what he or she is afraid of losing.”
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